Which coffee maker is the best?

I start every day with about 24 ounces of coffee, and like strong coffee and dark roasts. If you like wimpy coffee, read no further since out tastes differ.

First off, let me dismiss K-Cup machines. I bought a deluxe K-Cup machine, and a large assortment of pods, and could not find any pod that yielded a good cup of coffee. I returned the machine and donated all the pods to a teacher's lounge.

How to save on your Xfinity cable bill

The first thing to do is to haggle.

Call the 800-Comcast number and ask for the Customer Solutions Department. I reduced my bill about $30 a month and got more channels and higher (150 Mbps) internet. And they told me to check back during the holidays for perhaps better deals. The representative also said that Comcast would warn me in the future before special promotions expired.