Windows 10 Updates do not work

I have five or so Windows 10 installations—desktop, laptop, and multiple virtual machines running running on my Mac using Parallels 12. I say "or so" because some of my virtual machines have been broken by the Windows Update (WU) process.

I really like Windows 10, it is now almost as good as MacOS to use for my daily work. However, since Windows 10 was released, I have literally wasted months struggling to install Windows Updates. I am not alone:

Now Panasonic joins the bad support club

After the last firmware update on mt Panasonic Lumix DMC GX-8 camera body, The auto review screen changed so that 3/4 of it was information, and 1/4 image. I could not figure out how to change this, so I went online and tried their online chat.

When the representative answered, she sent me instructions to reset the camera. I responded that this was not what I wanted to do, and that it takes forever to reset all menu items. She never responded and left me sitting there.

I got banned by Piccure+ for requesting support

About a year ago, I bought a German program called Piccure+. In principle, this program does the best job at sharpening blurred images due to lens softness or to camera shake. But it has a very strange (very German!) user interface, and more important, even though they claim support for DxO OpticsPro (my favorite photo editing program), I could never get it to work with DxO.

Iranians and the bomb

Given the debate about the nuclear treaty with Iran, it is strange that no one has actually discussed what would happen if Iran used the bomb. I asked a friend who runs a code to do these calculations, to see what a 10-kiloton bomb would do if dropped on Tel Aviv. This is probably the optimum target because the winds flow from West to East. There are two issues: immediate bomb damage and fallout.

Immediate damage

Bomb damage