It is time that the news media covered President Trump properly

Our President has the biggest bully pulpit in the world, but he has abused this by calling everyone names and telling lies over and over again so that people start to believe them. The news media can help right these wrongs.

An elected official should never call anyone names, especially a President who is immune form prosecution for libel. 

Selective Insurance—how not to run a major insurance company

In my previous blog, I talked about my new Honda Clarity plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. Of course, the first stop after picking up the new car was a visit to my long-time insurance agent to get my auto insurance transferred. When she entered the VIN for my new car, it came up as a Clarity Fuel Cell vehicle with a rating of 59—much higher than my old Accord with a 39! This raised my bill a proportionate amount, so I asked my agent to call Selective and to speak with her underwriter.

2018 Honda Clarity PHEV review

I bought a 2015 Honda Accord Hybrid and loved the pep the electric motor gave when you pushed down the accelerator. I did not like the lack of room in its trunk. After almost 7 years, the Accord Hybrid's NiMH battery pack died (although it was just barely still covered by a warranty). My habit of many short drives was not good for the NiMH battery, so I traded it in for a 2013 Accord with a V6 engine that actually got better gas mileage than the older hybrid. But ever since, I have been looking for another hybrid vehicle.

Which coffee maker is the best?

I start every day with about 24 ounces of coffee, and like strong coffee and dark roasts. If you like wimpy coffee, read no further since out tastes differ.

First off, let me dismiss K-Cup machines. I bought a deluxe K-Cup machine, and a large assortment of pods, and could not find any pod that yielded a good cup of coffee. I returned the machine and donated all the pods to a teacher's lounge.

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