Which coffee maker is the best?

I start every day with about 24 ounces of coffee, and like strong coffee and dark roasts. If you like wimpy coffee, read no further since out tastes differ.

First off, let me dismiss K-Cup machines. I bought a deluxe K-Cup machine, and a large assortment of pods, and could not find any pod that yielded a good cup of coffee. I returned the machine and donated all the pods to a teacher's lounge.

Samsung Galaxy S8+ Review

I will start this off by saying that the Galaxy S8+ is the best smart Phone I have owned, the last two being LGs (G4 and G5). In particular, the Snapdragon 835 chip really does cut power consumption. My phone easily lasts a full day. It is really responsive, and the screen is great.

But Samsung has absolutely terrible support

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