Iranians and the bomb

Given the debate about the nuclear treaty with Iran, it is strange that no one has actually discussed what would happen if Iran used the bomb. I asked a friend who runs a code to do these calculations, to see what a 10-kiloton bomb would do if dropped on Tel Aviv. This is probably the optimum target because the winds flow from West to East. There are two issues: immediate bomb damage and fallout.

Immediate damage

Bomb damage

D-Link DIR-890L — better than the Netgear

I do not recommend this router. After 18 months of frustration, I replaced this router with the Linksys AC5400, and my problems disappeared. Specifically, even after 3 firmware updates, the DIR-890L still drops internal connections. For example, I am hard-wired (via the router) from the chat server on my Dell OpenSUSE Leap 42.1 machine to Adium on my Mac. I keep disconnecting from the group chats every 20 minutes or so. My Squeezebox music clients also lose their connections to the Squeezebox server on the same Dell machine.

Extracting high-resolution audio from Blue Ray DVDs

In a previous blog I discussed audio formats, and decided that I definitely prefer high-resolution audio. SACD disallows ripping, so it is not a useful format. But Blue Ray music DVDs offer a good path to hi-res audio. I bought a set of Blu Ray DVDs of Gergiev doing all of the Shostakovich symphonies and concertos, and I really wanted to stream them to my hi-hi system. So I figured out how to extract the audio in a lossless manner.

Scientific Graphics and GraphiC

Graphic Logo

In the early 1980s, George Kelley and I were working in the Fusion Energy Division of Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He was an experimentalist, and i was a theorist. IBM PCs had just come out, but we felt that their graphics resolution was too low for scientific use.  So we both bought "high-resolution" (640 x 480) Corona PCs. Alas, there was no software available to actually use this resolution, so we decided to create our own.

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