High-end Netgear routers crash due to multiple ICMP requests

I have three Netgear Routers: WNDR3700, WNDR4000, and WNDR4500.

On the SAME wired network, the 3700 works great. But both the 4000 and 4500 exhibit the same symptom. They periodically drop WAN connections for a minute (almost exactly), then allow them for 5-20 seconds, drop them for another minute, etc. In the plots below, red in the time graphs means that traceroutes and pings are not getting returned by the affected hops along the path (top part of the plots).

How to curate and stream a large music collection

I currently have about 420 GB of 320 kb/s mp3 albums of mostly classical music. Since almost all of these I ripped from my own CDs, a long and laborious task, I have 4 replicas of my collection. This has saved me at least 6 times. I have had a hard disk crash, and a backup disk erased by the restore program! Nowadays, a 2 TB external drive is only $89, so it does not pay to be chintzy about backup storage.

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