My personal information has been revealed three times now by Equifax. I do not need credit, so why can't they be forced to remove all of my data from their system? Ironically, the free coverage from their last breech expired the week they announced this new massive breach.

Apparently some server in Argentina had root access with just the UID of admin, and the password of admin. This is rather incredible. But why are they still using passwords to protect sensitive data?

We need legislation to force credit bureaus to remove an individual's data upon request, and also to require two-factor authentication.

Equifax just bit me again. I had frozen my account with them (being sensible). But I went to buy a car from Kia. They offered me a $750 discount if I financed the car for 4 months (the minimum term), but they would ONLY accept a credit report from Equifax. They admitted that my credit was excellent (from Transunion), but said that their bank would only accept Equifax. Why does any financial institution still use Equifax???

I was unable to remove by credit freeze without a 10-digit pin, which I never received. They said they would send it to me in the mail. It is not here two weeks later.

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